Hyaluronic acid in all its glory

Highly regarded as a miracle-working molecule, hyaluronic acid has become a must-have to combat the effects of skin ageing. It guarantees hydrated, smooth and firm skin. But how can your skin reap these benefits?

Injections for immediate effects

For a few years now, injections of hyaluronic acid have gradually become more accessible: these days it's not just the celebrities on the red carpet who can get their hands on them, even men have succumbed to using this almost painless treatment! There's no doubt that these intradermal injections have an incredible effect on frown lines, those on your forehead, crow's feet and the smile lines around your mouth and near your nose. And all of that without any scalpels! In 30 short minutes, and after a few small pricks in your skin, only a few millimetres deep, all the lines are filled, your skin is smoother and the contours of your face appear firmer for 6 to 9 months. 

Creams for more targeted effects

If you're not such a big fan of needles, it might be better to opt for a lighter solution: thanks to its incredible hydrating properties, you can also come across hyaluronic acid in beauty products and anti-wrinkle creams. Given that only a small amount of the acid is found in these products, they should be used daily, morning and night, for skin to appear firmer and wrinkles reduced. A word of advice: if the product is described as “moisturising”, then it is referring to surface hydration, and is better suited to skin with fewer wrinkles. If it's "anti-wrinkle" or "anti-aging," then you know that the active ingredients will be working at a deeper level, making it the perfect choice for more pronounced lines.

Nutritional supplements for ongoing effects

A new generation of products based on hyaluronic acid has recently been developed in the form of nutritional supplements. According to scientists, they are made using hyaluronic acid derived from plants that is then blended with different ingredients, such as freeze-dried plant collagen, vitamin C and fatty acids. When taken for 2 or 3 months, the hyaluronic acid is absorbed into the blood stream so that it can reach the dermis layer of the skin and hydrate it, for a smoother and firmer appearance: a great alternative to all those creams and injections. Don't forget that, like any food supplement, these will only be beneficial if we also put in a little effort: take them alongside a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet!