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L'Oréal Paris brings every woman pioneering hair science to ensure the best hair transformation, with instant and visible results. Our innovative, affordable and environmentally friendly products democratize high-end haircare and gives you invincible self-esteem!

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  Full Resist

Hair-loss is a universal concern. L’Oréal Paris democratizes a clinically proven anti-hair fall solution powered by patented Aminexil. The formula reinforces hair from the roots for a less visible scalp in 6 weeks.

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  Extraordinary Oil

Infused with precious flower oily extracts, the world’s N°1 treatment for dry hair instantly replenishes the fiber with nourishing lipids for 8 weeks nutrition and shine.

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  Color Protect

Discover the ultimate solution to longer-lasting color. Color Protect’s acidic technology seals color into hair cuticle for 10 weeks of intense vibrancy and boosted protection against UV rays and water.

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  Total Repair

Total Repair helps repair the 5 problems of damage: tangled, fried, weak, brittle hair and split ends. Its powerful Repair Concentrate with Keratin XS penetrates deeply in the hair’s fiber to restore the structure and brings hair back to its virgin condition.

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Hair care: what are your main concerns?

Damaged hair

Hair dyeing and styling tools give everyone the freedom to change their hair. But frequent transformation can cause deep damage to the fiber. Hair cannot self-repair, it becomes dull, brittle, lifeless and lacks volume. Fortunately, to regain healthy, strong hair, L'Oréal Paris has designed efficient routines for you to get the best hair of your life.


Dehydrated hair

You have dull, flat, lifeless hair? Its texture seems rough and stiff? This is a sign that your hair fibers are lacking moisture. The goal is to provide the shot of moisture they crave and lock it in the fiber to regain – and retain – volume, movement, and suppleness. This is the job of our Hyaluronic Acid hair treatments.


Fading hair-color

Light, UV rays, friction, water from the shower or pool are all factors that prevent our color-treated hair from staying as vibrant and shiny as it was on day one. The technology developed by L’Oréal Paris moistures and nourishes the hair and cares for the cuticle.


Finding hair on the brush?

Hair loss is a common concern that not everyone knows how to treat. L’Oréal Paris developed a treatment for weak hair that tends to fall out. The results are visible after 6 weeks: less hair on the brush and a less visible scalp.


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