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6 Inspiring Hair Color Ideas to Revamp Your Hair

Dive into timeless and on-trend hair colors for 2023 that add edge, warmth or a little of that wow factor.

The great thing about hair color is that you can change it as often or infrequently as you like. And make it say something about who you are. Whether you’re looking to update your existing look or try out a completely new hair-dye shade, there are so many ways to achieve bold color, tone-on-tone and everything in between. In this article, we’ve collected together inspiring hair color ideas – some are timeless, others very much 2023 – to show your hair in its best light (and color).


Roots-On-Display – Low-Maintenance Trend

If you're keen to try something a little different but unwilling to invest heavily in upkeep, the root-on-show hair color trend could be just for you. While many choose to color dark roots when dyeing hair, for example with a root concealer, to create a more blended and natural appearance, some of us are starting to leave dark roots on display for a cool edgy look with plenty of contrast. This creates more depth and dimension. So, be proud of your roots, make them a choice rather than just the byproduct of a busy schedule!

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Bleached Blonde – A Timeless Trend

If you’re feeling bold and want the lightest shade of blonde, why not go all the way with platinum blonde?
Bleached blonde is a timeless favorite that always makes a statement. The bleaching process plumps individual hair shafts, often making your hair appear thicker and fuller. If you want to avoid hair breakage and protect your hair during the bleaching process, just be careful to choose a gentle product with hair bond protection inside.
Opt for blonde hair dye that protects and conditions as it lightens with a specially formulated conditioning shampoo that deeply hydrates, keeping hair soft and manageable.

If you’re feeling bold, why not go all the way with platinum blonde, the lightest shade of blonde?

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Silver Blonde Hair Dye – A Cool Twist

Silver or ash blonde is an interesting take on blonde hair. Warm colors are replaced by silver and grey tones that are cool (in every sense). Adding a slightly rebellious feel, this color is versatile although works best on naturally light hair and cool skin tones.

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Grey Color Trend – from Natural to Full Shimmer

More and more women are embracing their natural grey color and highlights. If you’ve decided to let nature take its course, remember that the transition is slow. In the meantime, you could use semi-permanent hair dye, gradually choosing shades that are closer to your natural grey color. Or opt for highlights to create an all-over salt-and-pepper effect. If you’re impatient or feeling bold, go for an ultra-short pixie cut. Silver has also become an edgy trend-setting color for a younger audience – whether dying the entire head or adding silver streaks onto blonde hair for depth and dimension. Smokey silver adds subtle shimmer.

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Or why not try black and gray ombre? Ombre is a coloring technique that blends two colors, one light, and the other dark. It’s low-maintenance and fantastic for giving your hair some lift. Black and grey are a complementary combination that will brighten your hair.

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Something Different for Brunettes – from Ombre to Face Framing

What’s great about brown hair is that there are so many ways to revamp it, from subtle changes to a full color update. Adding some red, with shades like chestnut, auburn, and burgundy, is a classic and versatile choice that exudes warmth and vibrancy. While expresso (a coffee-colored hue with notes of brown and black) looks luxurious. Brown hair also looks great with coloring techniques like ombre. Adding caramel to the tips creates a visually interesting look that draws the hair downward, giving the illusion of length. Or why not try face-framing highlights?

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Black Is Back

Jet black is the darkest shade of black hair. It’s a surprisingly flattering color that complements most skin tones. With lots of shine, it makes your hair appear healthy and glossy. To add some softness, apply a few dark brown highlights – strategically placed to draw attention to your favorite facial features. For something a little different, opt for a deep blue-black shade or orangish-black ombre.

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Find your hair color shade

Not sure where to start? Use Virtual Hair Color Try-On to experiment with the latest hair colors and makeup trends. Wear multiple products at once to see the effect on your face and hair.

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