Excellence Crème Triple Care Hair Color

Product Details
The NEW L’Oreal Paris Excellence Crème hair color is water permeable and comes with triple care color technology that cares for your hair and scalp, delivering long-lasting hair color and deep moisture.<br><br>Available in 10 lasting shades. ​

THE MOST CARING HAIR COLOR with caring formila with 3 powerful ingredient. CERAMIDE - smoothes and protectsPRO-KERATIN-rebuilds and strengthenIONENE D- deep repairs
  • Ceramides

    An association of 3 ceramides with a chemical structure similar to natural ceramides in skin. They delay the appearance of aging signs by reinforcing skin’s barrier repair functions and enhancing plumping moisture in skin.

1. COLOR with the protective cream. Apply to roots and massage deep into the roots, work into lengths and ends and leave in for 20 mins. 2. CLEANSE with the new shampoo, massage until rich and dense then rinse. 3.CARE with the nourishing mask, massage, rinse and dry
5 Light Brown
Excellence Crème Triple Care Hair Color
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