The best beauty routine for tired skin

Stressful days ? Busy nights ? You need a break and your skin knows it ! Treat your face to a holiday by following a new beauty routine and say goodbye to tired, dull looking skin.

Step 1 : regain your sparkle

When our skin isn't looking its best, the first place to start is rehydration. Dry or dehydrated skin shows more signs of fatigue than well hydrated skin so it's important to apply a moisturiser both morning and night. Choose an appropriate product for your skin type but always try and opt for a day cream that is rich in hydrating properties.

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Step 2 : erase the bags

Bags under the eyes are often a result of late nights and not enough sleep, but they can also be a sign of bad lymphatic or blood circulation. What's the solution ? Cold temperatures help, so it's a good idea to use an eye de-puffer with a cooling metal rollerball. Grandmother's remedy : 2 cold teaspoons placed on the eyes for 10 minutes. A soothing effect is guaranteed !

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Step 3 : hide dark circles

Dark circles are also a consequence of poor microcirculation. This can often be improved with vitamin C, which strengthens the walls of the blood vessels, and vitamin E, which improves general circulation. However, a concealer will always be the quickest solution to the problem : to get the most out of it, choose the brightest one for your complexion to help illuminate the face.

Step 4 : relax with a face mask

To look rested in just a few minutes, there's nothing better, or more relaxing, than a face mask. With the application of hydrating and smoothing agents, a good mask will help smooth the features and give you baby soft skin. Plus, it's the perfect excuse for a few minutes of 'me' time.

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