The lemon juice detox, an essential beauty tip!

The Christmas turkey and yule log are ancient history, the new year celebrations and champagne have been and gone, the King Cake has been gobbled upÉIt's time to say enough, to give your liver a well-deserved break and make a new resolution: this year, I'll challenge myself to do the lemon detox!

Detoxify your body

You know you've been indulging a little too much lately. Quite a lot actually…It was nice while it lasted, but now you're not feeling too good. You have spots, your skin is greasier, you feel heavier, you have heartburn, a tummy ache, a headache …Stop. Your liver is overloaded and is in desperate need of a little detox. When you detoxify your system, your whole body reaps the benefits: you have better digestion, are lighter on your feet, have clearer skin, stronger hair and better sleep…  And lemons are the absolute champion of detoxing! They help improve the slow and overworked liver function responsible for the appearance of spots, combat nausea and gastric reflux, protect against infection and destroy bacteria. Containing an explosion of antioxidants, lemons also help to fight against skin ageing by battling free radicals and the vitamin C in them is essential for healthy and glowing skin. 

The lemon juice treatment

This treatment is in the form of a drink; which of course should not replace a healthy balanced diet; that you take over the course of 20 days. Make sure you have a good stock of lemons, preferably organic ones as you also will be using the peel. Cut the lemon in half and leave it in water to boil for three minutes. Then squeeze the lemon into the boiling water, strain it and drink a litre of the liquid throughout the day. Congratulations, the first day of your lemon detox is done and dusted! Beauty tips for day 2: use 2 lemons. 3 for day 3 and so on until you reach 10 lemons on day 10. Then you come down again…At the end of the 20 days you will be buzzing with energy, light on your feet and with gorgeous skin!  If, however, you aren't such a big fan of lemons or fear you'll get an upset stomach, you maybe shouldn't give this one a go. However, you don't have to completely give up on this lemon juice treatment as you can also opt for a lighter version, but you should view this more as a routine to stick to: each morning when you wake up, gulp down a glass of hot water with the added juice of half a lemon. And, given that lemon cleanses your blood, liver and digestive system by flushing out the toxins, it helps get beautifully clear skin from the inside out!