Slow ageing: tips for growing old gracefully

Helen Mirren nailed it when she said "ageing is an adventure"... Looking young at all costs is so last decade. Embracing our age and mollycoddling our skin is liberating and fun. Welcome to the art of growing old gracefully!
Slow ageing, a natural way to deal the passage of time Slow life, slow food, slow beauty, slow ageing... It's all about natural rhythms. No more Holy Grails for us! We want unhurried, healthy ways to protect our skin and grow old in style.

Beauty sleep

There's nothing better than a good night's kip to boost our bodies and keep our skin looking great. And it's between 1 and 4am that skin cell repair and renewal peaks! If you have problems nodding off, turn bedtimes into zentimes: read a book, have a relaxing bath, appy a face mask, sip a mug of hot milk or unwind to some (calming!) music. Enjoy some 'me time', so you can clear your head and switch off. You'll sleep much better as a result!  


Slow down

Slowing down doesn't mean giving up on life's projects. It's about creating balance and enjoying life's little pleasures - a morning meditation, a good book to while away your daily commute, a sit-down rather than a grab-a-sandwich lunch, an al fresco tea break, an evening yoga class... 

We are what we eat

A poor diet with too much sugar, salt and fat can wreak havoc with our skin. So stock on fruits, veg and superfoods such as almonds, spinach and ginger. Limit your salt intake and avoid pre-prepared meals, junk food and sugary drinks.  

Slather on a sunscreen

UV rays cause our skin to prematurely age. Applying a sunscreen suited to our phototype from an early age is essential. The great news is that loads of day creams and beauty products have built-in SPF's! If you're bronzing by a pool/on a beach, make sure you re-apply your sunscreen every 2 hours and after swimming. 

Pollution protection

Pollution makes our bodies produce harmful free radicals that prematurely age skin. Pollution causes oxidation, leaving skin dry, dehydrated and prone to painful flare ups. Plus, pollution aggravates damage caused by UV rays. Our tip? Invest in anti-pollution skincare treatments that are packed with antioxidants.