Say NO to skin imperfections!

Zits, greasy skin, redness, brown spots, blackheads... Lovely smooth skin, free of imperfections - clearly it's possible. Cleansing, purifying, hydrating, our new beauty routine with a single purpose: to clean up!

Cleanse when you wake up

Why? To clean your skin of excess sebum that can block your pores over night and stop your skin from breathing. Impurities and the dead cells that create irregularities in the skin are removed and cutaneous microcirculation is rebooted.How? Use a micellar water because it"s very gentle on sensitive skins and cleans without rubbing, so your skin isn't weakened. Apply a purifying mask once or twice a week to cleanse the skin, regulate excess sebum, brighten your complexion and refine skin texture.

Cleanse before going to bed

Why? To remove traces of make-up so you can go to bed with clean, clear skin. It also removes the impurities, dust and pollution that accumulates during the day and blocks your pores.How? Remove your make-up gently with a cleanser - milk, gel, foam or micellar water - paying special attention to the eye area. Apply a micro-fine facial scrub once or twice a week and massage gently in circles to cleanse deep-down.

Hydrate deeply

Why? To fill in any wrinkles caused by dehydration, for smoother, plumper, more radiant skin. Even skin that suffers from excess sebum needs hydrating! Hydration is the beauty treatment par excellence. Your skin needs moisture to stay looking lovely and more youthful for longer and to avoid redness and tightness.How? Use a moisturiser that soothes redness and spots, removes shine and prevents your skin from drying out. You can use a cream or a serum that's rich in hyaluronic acid, the hydration champion. 

Target problem areas

Why? Target the cause of the problem - the bacteria responsible for spots, redness, shiny skin and dry patches.How? Treat imperfections with a targeted skincare product that will solve problems, area by area.

Protect yourself from the sun

Why? Sunlight is not your skin's best beauty buddy. It's responsible for pigment patches, excess sebum, skin ageing and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, so you need to protect yourself from the sun in summer and in winter, by the sea, in the mountains and in town...even if it's cloudy.How? Use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 for direct exposure to sunlight. And remember to use a moisturising cream with UV protection every single day.