Quinoa, a multi-tasking beauty queen

Packed with antioxidants, gluten-free and a vegetarian favourite, superfoods such as quinoa have also made their mark on the skincare world. Here's all you need to know about the skin-friendly powers of this humble grain.
Originating in the Andes and mainly cultivated in Peru and Bolivia, quinoa isn't just grown for its edible seeds. Loaded with carbohydrates, fibres and proteins, this versatile grain's also included in creams, either in the form of an extract or as an oil. 

A natural wound-healer

Quinoa helps to repair damaged skin tissue. It contains lysine, essential for producing scar tissue that forms part of the healing process. Lysine (often taken as a supplement) has a proven track record when it comes to dealing with acne and minor skin wounds. Plus, quinoa's soothing, repairing properties make it an excellent anti-inflammatory.

A powerful wrinkle-buster

Quinoa also contains iron and riboflavin (AKA vitamin B2), both of which regulate cell energy. It keeps our skin healthy, improves elasticity and prevents the appearance of lines and wrinkles. What's more, its copper content boosts collagen levels and its ability to stimulate hyaluronic acid production keeps skin hydrated.

An antioxidant powerhouse

Quinoa contains a number of polyphenols (natural antioxidants) that neutralise free radicals caused by pollution, stress, alcohol... Free radicals damage cells, leading to premature ageing skin alongside chronic and degenerative diseases such as cancer. 

A pigment regulator

The vitamin B and E found in quinoa reduce the dark melanin deposits responsible for age spots and other skin pigment conditions, to leave skin even-toned and brighter.

An acne-zapper

Quinoa helps to reduce sebum production, making it great for oily or acne-prone skin. Its high saponin (natural detergent) content means quinoa grains are an effective ingredient for blemished skin.  

A gentle exfoliator

Add a scoop of cooked grains to 240ml of water and mix in 60ml of plain yoghurt and a teaspoon of honey. Thanks to honey's antiseptic, healing properties and yoghurt's sebum-regulating action, this quinoa scrub's one for keeps!