White Activ Oil Control Charcoal Foam - Whitening

White Activ Oil Control Charcoal Foam

Anti-Spots & Oil Control Charcoal Foam

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  • Product Benefits
  • Reduce Oil
    Brightens Skin
    Fights pimples

  • Innovations & Ingredients
  • With the power of charcoal, this formula captures oil and dirt leaving skin fresh and clear. Also fights pimples and reduces blackheads
    Lather on palm and apply on wet face. Gently massage, concentrating on forehead, nose and chin. Avoid eye contour areas. Rinse thoroughly. Suitable for daily usage.
    Dermatologically Tested on Asian Men.

    ADS(TM) Active Defense System, a powerful soothing active ingredient that helps to reinforce skin's natural resistance against daily aggressions.