Look exhausted? Just follow these 3 anti-burn out tips.

You've woken up to a ruddy complexion, tired lines, panda eyes and a fresh crop of pimples. Signs that your skin's having a mini burn out. Here are our tried and tested tips to get back a healthy, rosy glow!

Your complexion's as dull as ditchwater

Symptoms: You've had a tough week, spent a night on the tiles or it's a mid-season time of year. Pasty, sallow, dull skin that makes you feel like pants and has added years to your face.  Prescription: 

Time to give your skin a stimulating wake up call. After a good cleanse, apply a face scrub to get rid of dead cells that dull skin and give your circulation a boost. Follow by a applying a toner to your squeaky clean skin to remove any remaining grime and give your complexion an instant rosy glow. Finish of with a brightening, perfecting moisturiser that will nourish and protect your skin. 

Zap your dark circles

Symptoms: They went on holiday for the summer but now your dark circles are back with a vengeance. Accompanied, of course, by bags as big as a bus. Great look eh? Bluey-violet, puffy, panda eyes... This happens because the skin around our eyes is extremely thin and easily becomes congested.  Prescription: 

gently cleanse (go easy - you don't want to harm your skin) and decongest by wiping cotton pads soaked in cold water along your dark circles. Follow by lightly massaging in an eye contour treatment to boost your circulation. Our tip? Keep your eye contour cream in the fridge for a revitalising effect! Do the above twice a day and welcome back your Bambi eyes.

Blotchy skin and blemishes

Symptoms: Pimples (particularly on your chin and around your nose), or blotchy patches that line your facial contour.  Prescription: A sign of chronic fatigue, careful cleansing is the key. Your skin's worn out and doesn't need to be further harmed by careless cleansing. 

So give it a helping hand by double cleansing, which will deeply clean and purify your skin. Pamper it with an nighttime face mask - a sumptuous creamy texture that you can leave to work whilst you catch up on your sleep. It'll boost your epidermis so that you wake up looking fresh faced and ready to go! Nothing short of magic!