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Night Creams

Night Creams

As we sleep, our skin stays awake and carries on working. If we give it a little boost, it will work even harder!

At night the body slows down. However, the skin carries on working, moving from its main role of protection to one of repair. Mechanisms are put into place to address external aggressions such as the sun, the cold and pollution. Before you go to sleep, carefully select products which will help care for your skin. You should avoid day creams which are designed to hydrate and protect your skin against external aggressions. Instead, use night creams which are designed to act when the skin is at rest and not being exposed to external aggressions. The formulas tend to be richer and are designed to give your skin a real boost of care. Antiwrinkle creams are the musthave night time products. They help to care for skin cells on the skin's surface, help skin feel firmer, smooth the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. But night creams are not only designed to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. They also serve to help by reducing surface shine, brightening your complexion, hydrating and nourishing dry skin with moisture. The eye contour area also benefits from this skin care routine. The skin around your eyes is more fragile than that on the rest of your face. It contains less hydrolipidic film and fewer sebaceous glands. Skin is thinner and wrinkles more obvious.

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