How to tackle wrinkles, no matter what age you are!

There's no particular age to start dealing with The Wrinkle Problem... However, doing so will give us smoother, glowing skin for longer. But faced with a huge variety of treatments, how do we know which beauty routine to choose?
We all want to keep the gorgeous, perfect skin that we had in our 20's. Sadly, we're yet to discover the magic pill that will zap wrinkles or grey hair and keep us eternally young. But no matter - the cosmetics industry is working tirelessly on our behalves to keep our skin as flawless as humanly possible. It's simply a question of choosing one suited to our age: our epidermis has very different needs with each passing decade.

25, the age when wrinkles first appear

Some women won't see wrinkles appear until their mid-thirties, but most of us spot a line or two around 25 years old. This is because our skin gets dry more easily and cell renewal begins to slow down. It's now that we need to adopt preventive, anti-ageing measures! No need to invest in night creams, but do check out eye contour treatments, as wrinkles first appear around this fragile zone.

35, the age when wrinkles have started to settle

By our mid-thirties, we know that our wrinkles won't miraculously disappear. We've accepted that they're here to stay. These wrinkles are expression lines, caused by repetitive facial movements and generally crop up on our foreheads, between our eyebrows and at the corner of our eyes. Time to treat yourself to an anti-wrinkle cream that will minimise these lines by combating your skin's decreasing elasticity. It's also the moment to start applying nourishing night creams to boost your skin cells, maintain collagen levels and smoothe your skin.

45, when wrinkles deepen and other signs of ageing appear

So the wrinkles have been there for a while, but now they're looking like furrows. From 45 onwards, our skin becomes less firm and supple and our skin tone loses its uniform glow. And there's more... signs of tiredness; dark circles and bags; dig in their heels. Applying an anti-ageing day and night cream will help to prevent sagging, particularly if they include fruit acids, vitamin A, retinol and hyaluronic acid. All of these skin-friendly active ingredients will smoothe and brighten your complexion. They work on a deeper level to stimulate cell exchange and boost skin cell renewal. You should also start using a serum for a few weeks at a time. They're twice as concentrated as creams and, depending on the state of your skin, work a treat when we're worn out or dealing with seasonal changes.

55+, time to bring out the heavy artillery

Once we reach menopause, our skin texture changes - it thins and produces less sebum. Our skin dries out and cell renewal slows down to a snail's pace. It's also the age when liver spots appear. Opt for anti-ageing treatments designed for mature skin. They're gorgeously rich in texture and you can choose one according to your needs - hydrating, smoothing, anti-pigment, firming, brightening... And, of course, keep applying those serums and eye contour creams!