Get glowing skin in five minutes flat with self-massage

Tired, dull skin ? With these three self-massages, you can get a glowing complexion in just five minutes.
When done correctly, facial self-massage is worth its weight in gold. It gets your blood flowing, which in turn encourages collagen production and releases toxins. Self-massage also helps tackle any water retention in your face, reducing puffiness and giving you visibly smoother features. Try these three self-massages below to get your skin glowing :

The relaxing massage

Starting at the top of your face, place your index, middle and ring fingers on the centre of your forehead and smooth out towards the temples. Then place your thumbs above your eyebrows and smooth the skin above your brow bones. Repeat these movements several times, until you feel your skin relax. Next, with your index and middle fingers, use rolling movements across the temples, working from one side to the other and back again. Move on to your nose, and using your index finger, gently rub up and down the sides of the bridge. Then, hold your chin between your thumb and forefingers and use a pinching/sliding movement up your jaw bone towards your ears. Finish by massaging the cheeks using small, circular movements. This massage oxygenates the skin and relieves stress.

The detoxifying massage

Hold your chin with your thumbs and forefingers and smooth outwards along the jawline. Using circular movements move up your jaw towards the top of the ears. Keeping with small, circular movements, massage the apple of your cheeks, again working outwards. Lightly pinch your eyebrows with your forefingers and thumbs and smooth your eyebrows until you reach the edge of your eye contour. Finally, smooth your forehead with your fingertips, starting from the middle of your face and moving outwards. This massage eliminates toxins and prevents wrinkles.

The smoothing massage

Using upward strokes, smooth your neck and cleavage with your palms. Clasp your hands and, starting at your chin, smooth your jawline. Repeat several times to define your features. Using small, circular movements, massage the apple of your cheeks, working towards your ears. Then, with your index finger lightly run your finger up and down the bridge of your nose. Continue by smoothing your forehead with the palm of your hands, from your eyebrows to hairline and then from the centre to the outside of the face. Finish off by lightly tapping your face with your fingertips.