Beauty tips for a scalpel-free eye lift

You want to get back your bambi-eyed look. You also don't fancy injections or surgery... You'll be pleased to know that effective, gentle solutions exist. Read on for some eye-opening alternatives!

A smoothing treatment

The eye contour area is extremely fragile and its skin particularly thin. First golden rule is to apply a treatment both morning and night - anti-ageing, firming, hydrating, anti-dark circles orbags... Apply by tapping them on with your fingertips to give your circulation a refreshing boost. Our tip: apply a thicker layer under your bottom lids at night. It will act like a mask and allow your skin to soak up its goodness. 

Get an instant wide-eyed look

Ever wondered how make up pros get their weary models cat-walk ready? They pop a couple of tablespoons in a freezer and leave them to chill. When ready, they place the curved sides on their model's eyes for a minute. Manga eyes guaranteed! It's a miracle worker, but only lasts for an hour.

A draining massage

The lymphatic fluid under our eyes can stagnate and cause puffy bags. To kick start your lymphatic system and drain away this fluid, use your index finger to tap along your lower lid for a couple of minutes, working in from the outside corner of your eye. Follow with an eye contour cream designed to zap bags, as this will pump your skin full of draining active ingredients.

Clever make up

Nothing beats a colour-corrective concealer if you want to banishdark circles. Don't go overboard - apply a small amount and make sure you blend it in. If you don't work it into your skin or you use too much, it'll only make your panda eyes worse. If youreyes look tired, an under-eye illuminator will cover any lingering dark shadows.

Define your eyebrows for a youthful look

If the tail of your eyebrow looks too short or curves downwards, it'll add years to your face. The trick is in the curve! Starting from the centre of your face, apply your pencil to the first two thirds of your brow. And then gradually taper off until you reach the outer edge. Final tip: don't make them too dark - it'll only age and harden your features.