A smooth décolleté !

Over the years, the delicate skin on your décolleté gets damaged : wrinkles, marks and redness start to appear, the skin gets crepey and leathery, and sunbathing causes vertical lines to appear at the top of our breasts and move up the décolleté. Help is at hand - here are our tips on how to smooth out your décolleté


Blast with cold water

Every time you shower, finish with a blast of cold water over your breasts and décolleté ; it will firm and tighten the skin immediately. (Just try to keep the shrieks to a minimum.)

Choose the right skincare

What you need are products that enrich skin and contain tightening and hydrating elements as well as an SPF. The top ingredient to look for ? Hyaluronic acid. It hydrates and plumps up the surface of the skin, while stimulating the support fibres (collagen and elastin) underneath, and boosting cell renewal. If this describes the anti-wrinkle treatment you use on your face, just sweep it over your neck and décolleté, too.  And use a gentle scrub once a week to get rid of dead skin cells ; it will leave skin soft, and stimulate microcirculation.

Try hyaluronic acid injections

Want to go a step further ? Then try mesotherapy ; local hyaluronic acid and vitamin injections, administered by a dermatologist. They will fill out wrinkles and kick-start collagen and elastin production, for long-lasting hydration. After a few sessions, your décolleté will be beautifully smooth.

Prime your posture

Two things to do every day : stand tall and avoid sleeping on your side (the weight of your breasts stretches the skin on your décolleté). Every evening before going to bed, stand upright at the edge of the bed, roll your shoulders from back to front, then stretch your back by pulling your shoulder blades together. This opens the chest area and improves posture.

Make sure you've got good support

It is inevitable : our nemesis, gravity, gets us all in the end. But if you wear a badly fitting bra, you're not doing yourself any favours, as the support fibres in your skin have to work overtime to support the breasts, and little by little, they lose their elasticity and the skin creases. Follow the advice of a lingerie consultant to choose the correct bra. Your décolleté will love you for it.