"I am really happy to motivate women to feel beautiful."

Gong Li for l'Oréal Paris

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Gong Li is the first unique oriental Chinese star that has gain recognition in Europe and the United States. In the eyes of Westerners, Gong Li is the "world's most beautiful Oriental woman", She was on the cover of "Time" magazine and a popular figure of the top fashion magazines. She shared with Asian women about L'Oréal Paris, motivate them to feel beautiful, pursue and show beauty.


In 1996, Gong Li became the first Chinese ambassador of L’Oréal Paris. Acclaimed for her quintessential oriental aura, Gong Li is the face of Excellence Crème, REVITALIFT and ELVIVE Color-protect collection for damaged hair. By sharing the products of L’Oréal Paris with Asian women, Gong Li inspires in the latter the pursuit and celebration of beauty. “Gong Li is the first Chinese woman to enchant the Western audience with her unique oriental aura. She draws western attention to China while unmistakably conveying L’Oréal Paris’ notion of beauty to Chinese women.


1996: L’Oréal Paris expanded into China, followed by Gong Li becoming the brand’s first Chinese ambassador and the face of Excellence Crème

2003: Gong Li joined the REVITALIFT campaign to demonstrate beauty as an uplifting force, encouraging women to pursue beauty

2006: Gong Li became the only Eastern face for Star Secrets collection, showcasing her oriental mystique to the world

2009: Gong Li posed for ELVIVE Color-protect collection for damaged hair, letting loose her sophisticated beauty outlined with healthy hair

2010: L’Oréal Paris Shanghai Expo store opened. Gong Li joined the brand management in the ribbon-cutting ceremony as the first Chinese ambassador of L’Oréal Paris