3 makeup tips to turn back the clock

The quest for eternal youth is the holy grail of any beauty routine! Our anti-age or anti-wrinkle treatments certainly do their job, but don't forget the wonders of clever makeup. Here are 3 easy tips to give you back your youthful allure!

A dewy complexion

Before applying a foundation, make sure you thoroughly cleanse your skin. Moisturise with an anti-ageing cream that's not too thick (otherwise your makeup won't set) and apply a primer to smoothe out any fine lines. Piling on foundation is a no-no; the idea is keep it light. Apply it with a brush, as this will make it easier to smooth across your skin and opt for a fluid texture that you should apply to the centre of your face, working upwards and outwards without pulling at your skin. You can also apply a highlighter (cream or powder) to reflect light off your features. To get a lovely, peachy complexion, making you look younger, dab a cream blusher onto the top of your cheekbones - a warm pink or orange tone will do the trick. Blend it in over the apple of your cheeks, so that you don't end up looking hollow-faced.Result: youthful, smooth, rosy, glowing skin!

A youthful gaze

Dark circles, bags and droopy eyelids make us look old and tired. Start by applying a smoothing eye contour serum that will immediately tone up your skin. Follow with an anti-ageing concealer that you should not only apply to dark circles, but also dab along your brow bone, the inside corner of your eyes and underneath your lower lashes. This will immediately brighten your look and make you look younger! Apply a brown pencil eyeliner to your upper lids, working from the inner corner out and then gently dab it in. Give liquid eye-liners a miss as they tend to bleed into any wrinkles around the eyes. Follow with a light-coloured eye shadow. The aim? To look wide-eyed and fresh-faced. Avoid the smokey-eyed look as it can make us look older, particularly if we're feeling a bit worn out. Finish off with coat of mascara on your upper and lower lashes - the latter will add volume and a feline curve to your eyes.Result: manga rather than panda eyes!

A dazzling smile

Start by applying a anti-wrinkle cream and smoothing primer around and above your mouth, to combat the signs of ageing that tend to crop up on this fragile zone. Wrinkles around our lips often appear early on and our mouth contours lose definition - a double whammy that can make us look older. Gently scrubbing and moisturising our lips helps to get rid of any flaky skin that can also age our pout. To get lusciously plump lips, go for a satin finish, light-coloured lippy and liner - dark, matt colours make lips look thin and stern. Tinted or clear lip balms that contain collagen also work a treat. They plump up and smoothe our lip skin.Result: a dazzling, ravishing, kissable smile!